About Manitoba

Located at the geographic heart of North America just one hour north of the U.S. border, Winnipeg, Manitoba, is ideally situated. It is a key North American transportation and trade hub thanks to its location along the continent’s North-South trade corridor and to its road, rail, sea and air connections to anywhere on the continent.

Manitoba Fast Facts

  • Winnipeg is the capital city of Manitoba
  • Culturally diverse population with more than 100 languages spoken in the area
  • 98% of power in Manitoba is hydroelectricity, making it green, renewable and sustainable
  • Manitoba Hydro has the lowest published rates for industrial use, and second lowest in the World
  • Winnipeg is home to…
    • The largest aerospace industry in Western Canada
    • The largest bus industry in North America
    • The largest composites cluster in Canada
    • Canada’s first trimodal inland port and FTZ