Lead a Delegation

The role of the Delegation Leader is to implement a targeted promotion and recruitment strategy in their market to pre-qualified, export-ready companies. They also organize the logistics of the trade mission to Centrallia, and act as advisors to support companies before, during and after the event. We continue to work with these organizations on an ongoing basis after the event to help the companies achieve their new business opportunities.

During Centrallia 2012, we welcomed delegates from 30 countries. It’s by working with partner trade organizations, who become our Delegation Leaders, that we’re able to have a successful global marketing campaign and welcome so many inbound delegations.

If you’re interested in becoming a Delegation Leader, please contact us.

Connect Your Business to the World

Centrallia is an excellent opportunity to open new doors for trade and investment in North America and beyond.

There are opportunities to:

  • Promote your market or region to the international business community
  • Identify trade opportunities for client companies
  • Expand your network of companies conducting international trade, and increase your client base
  • Establish valuable relationships with trade representatives from around the world
  • Promote your own events, conferences and forums to an audience of international business leaders

Delegation Leaders should have a mandate to promote trade development and a network of companies from which to recruit.

Support from the Centrallia Team

As a Delegation Leader, your organization will be supported directly by the Centrallia team at the World Trade Centre Winnipeg. We will ensure your organization has the support and information necessary to lead a successful mission, including:

  • Benefits and incentives to offset participation costs
  • Promotion and marketing support
  • Sector and market information about Manitoba, Canada
  • Targeted recruitment support ­ our team will help identify the sectors most relevant to your companies and the best possible matches
  • Online tools to facilitate registration and manage your delegation
  • Technical and logistic support
  • Links to your website via centrallia.com and promotion of your organization