Centrallia Host Hotel : Delta Winnipeg

Click here for special rates available at the Delta Winnipeg.

Delta Winnipeg is the largest hotel in Manitoba, located in the heart of downtown Winnipeg, just across the street from the RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg.

The RBC Convention Centre Winnipeg is the host venue for all Centrallia events with the exception of the optional Friday afternoon program.

Due to a major political convention taking place in the city at the same time, hotel rooms are in very high demand. We are expecting thousands of visitors in Winnipeg during the week of Centrallia.

Important Information About Centrallia Host Hotel

Delta Hotel Winnipeg is now entirely reserved for the night of Friday, May 27. Any guests staying in Winnipeg after Centrallia will need to make a reservation for the night of Friday, May 27 or Saturday, May 28 at one of the hotels listed below, or at a hotel of your choice.

To access rooms still available at Delta Hotel Winnipeg, click here. When selecting accommodation dates, ensure you do not select Friday, May 27. If you do select Friday, May 27, an error message will appear displaying that no rooms are available which will not allow you to make a reservation.

Please phone the following hotel to reserve your rooms. The rooms reserved for Centrallia may not be reserved through the hotel’s online reservation system.

75 Forks Market Road
$189.00 + tax
+1 204 942 6555
Group: World Trade Centre Winnipeg
Group Reservation: 234051
*No availability on May 27.

Due to a major political convention, hotel rooms downtown are in very high demand for May 27 and 28. Please consider relocating to the hotel below. Shuttles from downtown Winnipeg to Canad Inns Destination Centre will be available as of 6:00 p.m. the evening of May 27.

1415 Regent Ave W
9 km
Toll free: 1-888-332-2623
Group block number: 316317

Please remember to reserve your hotel rooms soon to avoid disappointment!

If you are having trouble securing accommodations, please contact Vivian Gosselin at