The Arctic

The Arctic

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As part of Centrallia 2016, the WTC Winnipeg organized and promoted a one-day conference focused on The Arctic.

During this conference, we highlighted business opportunities focused on servicing the needs of northern communities and improving economic conditions, such as: energy, communications, waste management, transportation and logistics, food security, new technologies, and housing.

Winnipeg is located in the centre of Canada, a province with vast northern territories and Canada’s only inland Arctic port at Churchill. We are home to world leading experts in Arctic research and cold weather technologies, but there are still tremendous needs and opportunities facing northern and Arctic communities around the world. We were pleased to welcome hundreds of companies from around the world to focus on meeting those needs, while finding new trade and investment opportunities.

The objectives of hosting this conference as part of Centrallia was to hear from experts and provide context ahead of the one-on-one meetings, and to bring together a wide mix of companies from Canada, the USA, the circumpolar countries, and anyone with an interest in the North.

Speakers Presentations