Clean Energy Opportunities

Join hundreds of business leaders from around the world at Centrallia, Manitoba’s world class B2B forum from May 25-27, 2016. Centrallia offers opportunities to develop business linkages among clean energy technology companies.

To identify North American Delegation Leads, visit: Join a Delegation

World Trade Centre Winnipeg is pleased to partner with the United States of America Department of Commerce International Trade Administration and to highlight opportunities with The North American Clean Energy Partnership Initiative. For background on the NACEPI, please click here.

Clean Energy Program at Centrallia

  • Cluster of clean energy companies participating from Canada, U.S., Mexico, and other international markets
  • Spotlight on clean energy in “The Americas” breakout session (NAFTA panel case study)
  • Breakout session on Arctic opportunities – an attractive market for clean energy companies
  • Targeted B2B meetings and other networking opportunities
  • Meet with potential buyers and end-users
  • Launch of The North American Clean Energy Partnership Initiative (NACEPI)

Clean Energy in Manitoba

Manitoba is a global leader in clean energy. Manitoba, Canada, the host province of Centrallia is itself a global clean energy leader in a number of areas. First, in hydroelectricity where over 95% of energy produced is from hydro. The publicly owned corporation, Manitoba Hydro is a major event sponsor and participant.

National leader in geothermal in the construction sector. Manitoba has between 25% and 30% of all geothermal system installations in the country and 56% of Canada’s geothermal installers are trained in Manitoba. The Province of Manitoba in conjunction with The Manitoba Geothermal Energy Alliance (MGEA) provide Manitobans financial support for geothermal installations through a tax credit and grants.

Industry focus on sustainability. Manitoba is home to other key agencies such as Green Manitoba (a Centrallia sponsor) and the International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD) who is leading research into a number of interesting areas of renewable energy.

Commitment to climate change. A 2015 MOU between the Canadian Provinces of Manitoba, Ontario, and Quebec on the Concerted Climate Change Actions and Market-Based Mechanisms include clauses to promote the transition to a low carbon economy, encourage market mechanisms, and to work closely to support international and national events on environmental issues.