Doing Business in Canada

TDS will be hosting the official lunch seminar Doing Business in Canada. This seminar will cover a range of legal topics relevant to businesses already operating in Canada and those interested in doing business in Canada. Some of the topics which will be covered include:

  • Doing Business in Canada – Business Law
    The session will provide an overview of some key issues and requirements of doing business in Canada, and particularly Manitoba, including business organizations and registration, investment/acquisition restrictions and compliance, raising capital and financing.
  • Doing Business in Canada – Labour and Employment Law
    This session will highlight some issues regarding taking over or starting a business from a labour and employment perspective, including certain needs for Manitoba employee contracts, and a brief overview of important legislation such as the Worker Recruitment and Protection Act.
  • Doing Business in Canada – Tax Law
    The session will highlight tax implications of carrying on business in Canada and, specifically, in Manitoba. It will include an overview of taxation rules, compliance issues and some planning tips in respect of income tax, payroll tax and commodity taxes.
  • Doing Business in Canada – Protecting Your Intellectual Property (IP)
    This practical session will provide an overview of some of the key aspects of IP when entering new markets. Patents, trademarks, trade secrets and licensing agreements will be discussed, including protecting your IP both inside and outside of Canada.